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Satellite Aerial Telephone Systems Ltd can offer Installation and maintenance of landlord controlled television systems used to provide any desired television services throughout entire buildings. When designing our systems we offer our clients consultation to outline the specific requirements that the installation needs to meet. In some cases it is necessary to deliver services that exceed standard television, it may be a requirement to provide satellite data streams and in these cases it is possible to tailor the system to meet this function. We also endeavour to implement the latest technologies when designing and installing a system. This results in a much higher performance and ensures that the system is future proof for years to come.


Benefits of a Landlord controlled TV/SAT System:


  • The Landlord Can retain Control over the roof space.
  • Allows control over the number of dishes and antennas in place.
  • The landlord can retain control over spacing and quality of workmanship within risers.
  • The system has potential for generating revenue.
  • A well managed television service, attractive to new tenants.
  • Futureproof. The landlord does not need to decide on any channels to be received, as the system supllies the core signals to each floor, allowing the tenant to decide on connectivity therafter.
  • Flexibility. The system can be designed to tailor for specific requirements of tenants, This may include European satellite services or satellite delivered data streams.
  • System Familiarity. One installation company, installing and maintaing the system


What will the system offer to the Tenants?


The system will allow the tenant to receive both DTT (freeview) and radio signals as well as have access to the core satellite signals. This allows them to expand connectivity on their floor to cater for the number of outlets they require. In the case of satellite television it would be the responsibility of the indivisual tenants to source their own receiver and satellite switchgear thus removing the element of management from the landlord.



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