We were commisioned to install UHF - both crystal palace and bluebell hill transmitters, FM, DAB Astra 2 and a motorised dish service in the digital tv groups new london office space. This included supplying the signals used within the new test facility. The signals were carried from the roof to the comms room via a fibre IRS network. Signals between the comms room and test facility to the workstations were carried accross a coaxial backbone from switchgear installed into comms racks in three locations across the office floor. The system used a unique patching system utilising Musa panels instead of conventional f type patch leads.




Installation of a dish farm of 6 dishes, used to recieve horse racing services from around the world. Satellites required were Eurobird 3, Astra2, Astra 1, Hotbird , Arabsat and Nilesat. The distribution was over 1km of optical fibre between the dish farm and a new office building. it was then fed to numerous screens distributed throughout the office space.




Installtion of a dish farm consisting of five dishes, Required satellites were Hotbird, Astra 1, Astra 2, Eutelsat W3 and intelsat 68.5e. The dish farm was distributed over a coaxial network to 294 points over 80 outlets. the system allowed each workstation to gain access to any of the satellites via a simple patch in the comms room.




Installation of two satellite systems supplying Astra 2 (sky UK services) and Arabsat, used to distribute both sky tv and arabic services throughout an office space. The backbone cabling was carried out using optical fibre to optimise signal reaching the recievers situated within the comms room.










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