Residential Installations




Satellite Aerial Telephone Systems can offer a wide range of communal installations for use within apartment blocks. We have worked on numerous projects ranging from new build apartment blocks to existing buildings in need of upgrade in preperation for new technologies. Our communal systems are very versatile and can offer a wide range of services from standard DTT (freeview), FM and DAB radio and a choice of digital satellite services. The standard satellite requirement is the ability to provide Sky UK programming however in increasingly frequent cases it is also necessary to provide european satellite services, allowing television programming from a wide range of nationalities to be provided on one system. The addition of European satellite services on the communal system helps to prevent individual tenants installing a dish that serves their own apartment, this helps to maintain the overall aesthetics of a building. It is also becoming a real requirement to consider smart tv services when designing a new communal tv system. Satellite Aerial Telephone Systems can offer the installation of the cabling infrastructure required to receive these services allowing the end user to receive additions like the BBC iplayer, on demand movie services and social networking applications on their tv screeens.

Home Networking


Sats can supply & install the latest range of broadband, network,ethernet CAT5E & CAT6 cabling & outlets for the home user from a single ethernet point to connect your properties broadband or home network points.


We specialise in home network installations using CAT6 cabnling to the clients interenet ebanbled componets e.i Smart TV, PVRs, Playstaions, Xbox ect.. to the users own network via homenetwork switches & patchpannels. the tennant can also use the home network to distrubute high defininition services (HDTV) via CAT6 cabling which will allows them to distribute any HD sources around your home in FULL HD quality 


Depending on the needed requirments SATS can provide data cabling solutions as an integral part of a complete LAN upgrade, or as a total new network cablig solution, what ever the condition of your current network.

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